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for proactive translators and interpreters

Take charge of your translation business month by month.


Structure your marketing efforts

Apply new marketing strategies

Get personalised feedback

Take your business to a new level

Learn to use new marketing tools

Have your questions answered

& enjoy the experience!

recommended by members

Great fun, and huge amount of useful information. I've got knowledge of marketing theories and strategies about which I had no idea before. And my favourite Toolbox website section impressed me so much! I would definitely recommend colleagues to take this training.
Elena A. Bunkova
Financial & Legal Translator
I'm super glad I joined LSM Academy and I've enjoyed the journey so far! It's easy and rewarding to complete the individual modules one after another and in the order you like. I'm looking forward to taking my marketing efforts further step-by-step with the help of Meg and taking my business where I want it to be!
Lisa Prohaska
Level:German Translations
LSM Academy helped me a lot to get a better understanding of what marketing is actually about and to define precisely what I want to reach with my translation business in the future. Meg does a great job with her very personal and professional approach and she is always available for personalized feedback and tips on how to proceed with the material in order to get the most out of it. I definitely recommend LSM Academy to any fellow language professional!
Annalena Ouwens
Translation Resort
I like the step-by-step and bundle approach of the LSM academy. The marketing maze can be really overwhelming for solopreneurs, but with the worksheets all becomes much more clear and better structured. Also, it makes me think really hard about me as a business and where exactly I want to go.
Mandy Borchardt
The Marketing Translator
I chose LSM Academy because it's the first comprehensive platform with all the info you need to get started and/or get your business to a new level. The best thing about it is that it's constantly updated.
LSMA Member
Freelance Translator

Are you feeling a little overwhelmed with running your business?

It can be really hard to see the big picture when you’re so devoted to your work. Fuelled by your passion for facilitating communications all around the globe, day in and day out, you probably spend hours checking over texts and researching the rarest terms to ensure they are spotless.

Sometimes, our passion for our work overtakes other crucial factors in business - like marketing for example. It’s not always easy to figure out the most efficient way to present your services to potential clients and convince them to work with you. Especially when you already have so much on your plate.


Feel overwhelmed with the number of things you’re “supposed to” do with your business?
Find it hard to find time to research every bit of new marketing information, write tons of marketing content and hope for the best?
Feel unsure over where to present your services, what works, and what steps to take to attract your ideal clients?

WE've got you.

Running your own business is a challenging and exciting experience. But it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. In fact, it’s supposed to be fun, satisfying and enjoyable, and this is what we’re aiming for!


language services
marketing academy

A safe and secure space for freelance translators, interpreters and small LSP owners to learn and implement marketing strategies at your pace, with accountability partners and support group by your side.

Our streamlined monthly lessons on marketing, branding, online presence and more, will help you optimise your business to reach more targeted clients. Strengthen your translation and interpreting business and lay the foundation for sustainable business growth.​


  • Build a professional translation or interpreting brand and confidently present it to your clients.
  • Learn marketing concepts and implementation techniques to take your business where you want it to go.
  • Build a powerful online presence that inspires trust and helps you win assignments.
  • Create a comprehensive marketing plan that is adjusted to your needs and situation and is targeted at long-term growth.
  • Get to know the tools and technicalities that help streamline day to day business and marketing tasks and save you time.
  • Get the most out of your learning by receiving personalised help from marketing professionals and industry insiders.

what's INSIDE

Monthly lessons

Each month a new, full-length module on a different topic will be released, so that you can learn different aspects of marketing your business.


Each lesson will have their own worksheet and checklists, but you will also receive different extras that can help you structure your marketing efforts.


Direct access to our marketing professional where you can ask for personalised feedback on elements of your courses.

Q & A sessions

We hold a monthly q & a session where you can submit your questions in advance and we will answer them on air!

quick wins

A library of short, to the point videos and workshops that help you achieve one thing at a time, whether it is setting up your LinkedIn profile or Google My Business page.


Get to know fellow proactive translators and interpreters! Bounce ideas off each other, learn together, get advice and make friends!

GEt instant access

Ready to get started and take your business to the next level?

Get 1 hour consultation worth $125 with an Annual Membership.

Happy International Translation Day! Thank you for making the world a better and more connected place.

Monthly Membership

Pay monthly, cancel anytime, enjoy the rewards!
$ 29
Per month
  • Access to all courses, worksheets and trainings
  • Personalised email feedback and q & a calls
  • Support and community of like-minded translators
  • New modules released every month
  • Self-paced but with support where needed!

Annual Membership

GET 2 months free and 1 hour consultation worth $125!
$ 299
Per year
  • Access to all courses, worksheets and trainings
  • Personalised email feedback and q & a calls
  • Support and community of like-minded translators
  • New modules released every month
  • Self-paced but with support where needed!
Save $59.98!

All prices are in US dollars

what others are saying about LSMA

I love Meg's no-fluff approach to marketing and branding. This course is so informative and offers practical advice and tips on all the elements that really matter in business: defining goals, establishing your ideal client, implementing tactics and strategies to make your goals happen and so much more. I've learned a lot of useful information from this course that I'm already implementing!

Lauren Sindel, Freelance Translator & Copywriter

The Academy is a great source of easy-to-read tips on branding and marketing for translators. It provides solid advice and helps translators find inspiration to find out more about the marketing side of the translation business. I would recommend it to translators wishing to take their business to the next level.

Serli Varjabetyan, Certified Translator

As someone who combines business and language backgrounds, I found LSM very comprehensive and packed with valuable content. If you're aiming to grow your business and find new clients, go for it!

Marta Stelmaszak Rosa, Business Translator

LSM Academy is a great tool to dive into the world of marketing and boost your business development as a freelancer and staying in charge of your own future at the same time. The most appealing fact is that all the guidelines and tips have been successfully tested in real life and are very useful for freelancers and small companies who would like to make a step further.

Irina Cernobrovaja, Legal Translator

The LSM Academy is a rare high-quality resource the translation community highly needs. Taking branding and marketing tips and learning lessons from someone who masters them both is essential, and Meg is the perfect person to do so. And with a plus: on a visually attractive and beautifully written way. I highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to leave their comfort zone and aim higher and better.

Caroline Alberoni, Brazilian Translator

This academy is for...

  • Established translation or interpreting professionals who want to invest in boosting their business focused on long-term growth.
  • Translation and interpreting students or graduates wanting to go freelance and establish their own business - be your own boss!
  • In-house translators with plenty of experience who are ready to take the first step into freelancing.
  • Professionals who are already working on marketing their business but are willing to try new concepts and need some advice and support.
  • Proactive and enthusiastic business owners who are ready to put in the work to improve their branding and marketing and get results in the long run!

IT is PROBABLY not for you if...

  • You already work with your dream clients and are happy with the way things are - unless you want to try new things and need some community feels!
  • You're looking for a magic formula and the next big thing that will suddenly bring dream clients through your door first thing tomorrow - marketing efforts require a little bit of time to achieve results.
  • You know you absolutely won't have time to work on even one worksheet this month - try next month or plan in advance, so you can make the most of your membership and not feel disappointed.
  • You are looking for one-to-one coaching with regular personalised sessions (one-off sessions are available to book for LSMA members).

who is behind the LSM Academy?

Hey! My name is Meg Dziatkiewicz and I’m the founder of LS Marketing Academy and Websites for Translators, a web design and branding company specialising in boosting translation businesses since 2011. 

Apart from designing websites, I’m teaching a 1-2-1 marketing course, as well as taking part in international industry conferences, including speaking at a CTA conference in Colorado, BP17, Chartered Institute of Linguists (UK), London Metropolitan University, among others. During my 8+ years in the field, I’ve helped over 400 translation businesses boost their branding and marketing.

I’d love it if we could work together too!

Whether I’m holding a koala in Brisbane or Skyping a client in Thailand, I love exploring the world and the wonderful beings in it. Working with translators definitely gives me that opportunity!

Holding a degree in Marketing and Advertising, I’m also a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) to always stay on top of things and up-to-date with trends. I want you to benefit from my experience! 

Meg x

When I decided to rebrand my online presence and professional website a few years ago, I chose Meg and her team and I never looked back. I initially thought, well, once the website is done, the CV, proposal, invoice templates etc are completed, I am sorted. How wrong was I? I then soon realised how addictive benefitting from Meg’s services can be! Believe me, having somebody like Meg supporting you all the way with her amazing marketing ideas and her contagious enthusiastic approach is a real asset for our community. She is the queen of planning. She is able to convert your vague brand ideas into reality in a smooth, efficient and winning way and guide you through the journey.

I have chosen Meg to make my brand appealing to my target audience, what about you?
Luciana Scrofani Green
Owner, Italianinterpreter.london

Get results, get ahead

Let’s boost your business together. Learn and implement as you go – every month something new! 

Frequently Asked Questions

You will immediately get access to our library of already published lessons, checklists and videos. You can start learning today. You will also receive regular emails with tips on how to best move forward – you can submit your first questions and introduce yourself on the forum. You will be notified when new bundles are added and we recommend heading to the “Start here” section to download your essential master checklist and find your way around.

Our lessons are tailored specifically with translation and interpreting profession in mind. We explore cases and examples that may be familiar to you as a freelance professional. Apart from that, your main trainer, Meg, has 8+ years of experience of boosting translation businesses like yours and you can get personalised advice on your questions all along the way. She holds a degree in Marketing and Advertising & is a member of Chartered Institute of Marketing in the UK and she has also been running a small business! Knowing how overwhelming it is, we try to come up with ways for you not to have to experience those moments of doubt yourself. We avoid “fluff” and tell you about marketing and branding as we know it works for us and others. You probably won’t get 10 new clients tomorrow, but our aim is for you to constantly improve your business so you gain valuable clients over time. 

You are probably one of the people who will benefit the most from this kind of membership. If you’re just starting your freelance career, you will find a lot of techniques and advice here that unless you studied a Marketing degree or course, you will not be familiar with right when finishing Uni. So come on in and try it out! You can always cancel anytime. 

We’d love for you to stay on and keep learning, but of course you can cancel anytime, no questions asked. If you’d like to provide some feedback before leaving, please do! 

We really think you’re going to enjoy the membership, but if for any reason you’re not, you can claim a refund with our 30 days money back guarantee. 

Yes, once you subscribe, you automatically get access to every corner of Language Services Marketing Academy. At this moment we don’t have any extra upgrades or inside purchases. 

Nope. The marketing concepts and strategies inside LSM Academy are applicable to small partnerships, limited companies and agencies. You may just have more hands on deck to perform the activities!

Wherever you can request feedback on your assets, there will be a “Request feedback” button in the specific section or module. You will then be able to get 1 round of feedback via email. You can also ask questions during monthly q & a calls and on the forum. If you require a full one to one approach with regular 1 – 2 -1 calls and feedback, contact us for a separate quote. You can also request one-off consultations at a special member price! 

our members say...

“Very comprehensive. I can focus on a specific need I have (e.g. online presence), or go through a horizontal journey of all marketing”


Extremely useful. Information is presented in a clear and precise manner, and I appreciated being able to choose depending on the stage of my career/business. On an aesthetic note, the website is so well-organised and beautiful that I didn’t want to leave!”


Inclusion of the strategical elements (in relation to business and marketing) is great (big thinking). Having said that, I love the Toolbox, and getting down to tactics! 😀 I think this is a great idea.”


“Can’t wait to discover more of the content and move forward with my goals using the tips provided!”


“My general feeling: I can do this! I am encouraged to do more about marketing my business and this academy can make it easier for me.”


“I think the materials you provide are very well structured and you explain the topics and the aim of each bundle nicely! I also find your examples of what our results should look like in some of the worksheets very helpful!”


“The content you share is incredibly useful and analysing my current situation is giving me a clearer picture of where I am standing right now and what I would like to reach with my business in the near future. Thank you so much! :)”

Take a sneak peek

  • Video tutorials with corresponding worksheets & checklists
  • Recommended roadmap of learning & implementation
  • Toolbox for learning the tech side of marketing
  • Community forum for peer and LSM Team live feedback
  • "Request feedback" personalised and private email feedback for selected bundles
  • Member perks: 10% discount on web design @ Websites for Translators

begin steady growth


Plant the seed

Taking the leap and going solo is the first step to creating a successful business. You’ve got your skill, your know-how, and your drive. Next …



Every business, especially new, requires care and attention. Daily effort will go a long way! That could include creating your business plan, developing your professional profiles or client relationship building.


watch it grow

Daily tending can only lead to progress. If you truly care about your business and its prosperity, you won’t have to worry about it wilting. Instead, you can proudly watch it bloom!

ready to take the next step?

Take control of your business. Become more confident in your marketing efforts, turn prospects to clients and save time!

 See you on the inside! 🙂

Get 1 hour consultation worth $125 with an Annual Membership.

Happy International Translation Day! Thank you for making the world a better and more connected place.

Monthly Membership

Pay monthly, cancel anytime, enjoy the rewards!
$ 29
Per month
  • Access to all courses, worksheets and trainings
  • Personalised email feedback and q & a calls
  • Support and community of like-minded translators
  • New modules released every month
  • Self-paced but with support where needed!

Annual Membership

GET 2 months free and 1 hour consultation worth $125!
$ 299
Per year
  • Access to all courses, worksheets and trainings
  • Personalised email feedback and q & a calls
  • Support and community of like-minded translators
  • New modules released every month
  • Self-paced but with support where needed!
Save $59.98!

All prices are in US dollars



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